IKHANA Aerospace

Industry | Aerospace

Department | Interiors

Location | Murrieta, California

About | IKHANA Aerospace

With more than 100 employees and customers in more than 50 countries, IKHANA Aircraft Services provides complex modifications and repairs on both jet and turboprop aircraft. The company was formed in 2007 through the merger of two aircraft engineering and modification companies, R.W. Martin, Inc. and Total Aircraft Services, Inc.

The Challenge | Organization

Each company had their own collections of documentation and processes that needed to be integrated. All records for both companies had been kept on paper. Filing and categorization practices had changed multiple times over the years. The lack of consistent document management practices made it difficult for IKHANA’s current employees to find files and records when needed.

The combined companies had amassed so many paper files and records, an entire area of an aircraft hangar was devoted solely to file storage. Several hundred boxes were packed so tightly into the storage room it was difficult to move through the stacks to retrieve files. A sprinkler system located in the hangar was right next to the storage room; and in the event the sprinkler system went off, many of the paper files could sustain significant and possibly irreparable damage.

The Solution | Document Management & Scanning Services

After carefully considering multiple different document scanning services and document management solutions on the market, IKHANA selected ICM for several reasons: The flexibility of the ViewCenter solution, ICM’s significant experience in handling FAA-certified documents, willingness of ICM’s staff to work on-site to set up the document scanning process, training for IKHANA’s employees on best practices for document scanning and organization, and ability to work closely with the executive team to ensure that document management and workflow processes would map to the company’s growing needs.

IKHANA staff dedicated 40-50 hours/week to the scanning process. The ViewCenter document management system is easily customizable, so it was flexible enough to accommodate several shifts in IKHANA’s organization and filing practices as the staff went through backfiles and recognized additional needs. The team used ViewCenter to organize their data into different collections and perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on all of the documents.

The Results | Saved Money & Time

ICM’s ScanCenter application allowed IKHANA to keep all of their scanning in-house. Because ScanCenter is a cloud-based application, IKHANA did not have to invest in costly servers or hire additional dedicated IT resources to maintain the system. All of IKHANA’s scanned files were automatically uploaded to the ViewCenter document management system, hosted by ICM on their secure servers. ICM provides ongoing file back up and all IT support services to keep the system running smoothly.

Key Benefits for IKHANA Aerospace

  • Moved documents on-site, which reduced expenses and increased productivity on the manufacturing floor.
  • Quick access to all relevant documents for each component sourced for any past product ever sold.
  • Online verification of inventory by entering a document number.
  • Easy identification of missing or incorrect parts from packing slips.
  • Answer customer questions about certifications and components quickly by locating correct documentation in ViewCenter.
  • All but eliminated delays and expense of lost or misfiled documentation.
  • Better organization, reduce labor cost and improved efficiency with ViewCenter.

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