Department of Health Surveys

Department of Health surveys are designed to monitor and ensure that licensed facilities are providing quality care. Even for the facilities that are doing an amazing job staying on top of the day-to-day tasks associated with quality care, the documentation needed to prove this can be hard to find when the inspector comes knocking unexpectedly. And chances are, they showed up on a busy day where the first few patients all ran late, and the later appointments are upset that their appointment is delayed. On top of the patient chaos, the manilla folder where that documentation is supposed to be stored isn’t in the filing cabinet. And the electronic document that’s stored in a shared digital folder isn’t in the right subfolder, so you can’t find that one either. Or, worse yet, the new employee accidentally deleted it! Sound familiar?

ICM can’t do anything about those patients messing up your schedule for the day, but we can help your organization better store and manage your critical records and documentation so that when you get surveyed you can say “I got 99 problems but finding that document ain’t one!” We will meet with your team to learn how you are currently storing and managing your records, help identify the areas that can be streamlined, and work with you to implement a solution that is user-friendly, making it easy for the team to get on board with the new process! We want YOU focused on taking care of your patients, let ICM focus on making your document management more standardized, streamlined, and efficient.

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