Glendale Community College

Industry | Education

Department | HR & Accounting

Location | Glendale, Arizona

About | Glendale Community College

Glendale Community College is a fully accredited public school with two locations in the West Valley. They offer over 100 degree & certificate programs by exceptional faculty. GCC is one of ten, higher education institutions in the Maricopa Community College District. 

The Challenge | Old & Outdated System

Glendale Community College (GCC) was using an aging Bluebird document management system (DMS) that could no longer meet the college’s needs. First installed in 2001 & not upgraded since the system was increasingly unstable & outages were becoming more frequent. Lack of storage space was one problem, as data was not being purged properly from the write-once, read-many (WORM) optical drives. Furthermore, when additional scanning hardware was needed, system incompatibilities with newer hardware & driver software left the college with few choices.

Because the Admissions & Records department had made document management an integral part of its business processes, a stable, reliable, & efficient document management system for GCC was essential. Expansion of the DMS to other college departments was impossible without a new, modern platform to build on.

"ICM has excelled in providing the full range of support needed from discovery through data conversion, implementation, & post-implementation. Their staff is very knowledgable about both their products & DMS solutions in general."

Dr. Jane Doe - Manager | Glendale Community College

The Solution | Document Management for GCC

GCC chose ICM’s document management software, ViewCenter for the replacement solution. As a web-based, open architecture DMS, ViewCenter has proven to be secure, flexible, easy to use, reliable, & scalable. Some features important to GCC were version control, retention control, & concurrency control, all of which ViewCenter handles with modular plug-ins are chosen to suit each customer’s needs.

ICM serves customers nationwide in both public & private sectors. GCC was impressed with ICM’s local presence in the Phoenix metro area and our experience in education. We have been in business for more than 30 years, & we count numerous customers in local school districts and local government agencies.

The final, decisive factors in choosing ICM were affordability & cost-effectiveness. After comparison with major competitors, not only did we offer excellent technology & an impressive track record, but also ICM’s implementation cost was a fraction of other bids.

Key Benefits: Document Management for GCC

  • ViewCenter is versatile & affordable enough that DMS use could be expanded from one department to three.
  • Ease of use means Admissions & Records can rotate staff to process documents rather than dedicating one person to the task.
  • Human Resources can quickly locate pertinent information out of voluminous storage needed to document Adjunct Staff activities.
  • Purchasing agents in the Office of Information Technology can efficiently find source documents needed to evaluate, complete, or audit a purchase request.

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