What is Document Management?

What is Document Management?
Document Management is a system that securely digitizes, stores, manages, retrieves, and shares your business-critical documents and records in a structured and intuitive manner. Increasingly, document management can streamline and automate your business processesRelated services include the actual capture of these records, such as archive paper or microfilm media, “day forward” scanning, and migration of documents and data living on employees’ laptops, network drives, and legacy applications.

Why Would My Company Need Document Management?
It depends on your industrydepartment, and the type of records you work with. Some of the most common reasons companies need a document management system include: cost savings through more efficient digital processes that reduce footprint and related material costs, increased convenience – especially for remote staff, increased document security and decreased risk by establishing access controls and redundant back-ups, and a better audit trail for the life of the record.

What is ViewCenter?
ViewCenter is a document management system that makes securing, digitizing, storing, managing, retrieving, and sharing your business-critical documents and records easier than ever. As a browser-based application with responsive design, it ensures accessing your records from any device is a seamless experience to maximize user acceptance.

Are ViewCenter & ICM’s Scanning Operations Compliant with HIPAA and FAA?
Yes, ViewCenter as well as our scanning operations are compliant with HIPAA in protecting Personal Health Information (PHI) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airworthiness Records, among many other industry-specific, state, and federal compliances governing record keeping and security protocols.

What Types of Businesses Currently Use Document Management Services?
We work with companies in a wide variety of industries including ManufacturingHealthcare, Aerospace, Education, and all levels of Government. Departmentally, ICM prominently works with business units such as Human ResourcesAccountingContracts/Legal, and Policies & Procedures

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Where is ViewCenter developed?
ViewCenter is developed, implemented, and supported 100% by ICM within the United States. The ViewCenter platform includes strategic partnerships with best in breed technologies like eFormsScanning Software, and OCR

What Types of Documents Can Be Stored in ViewCenter?
ViewCenter is file type agnostic you can store any type of files including Excel, Word, Audio, Video, PPT, and moreWhen it comes to how you search and retrieve your records, the database(s) are a “blank slate” with no limit on how many fields you can search by, or how your records need structured (how they relate to one another).

How Do I Upload Documents into ViewCenter?
ViewCenter has a number of capture options for your archive and newly generated records, including a drag and drop upload tool, scan software for higher volume needs, as well as utilizing ICM’s scanning services to upload directly into your systemeForms can also be configured to make your most-used forms “born digital” to eliminate paper entirely.

How Do I Know That My Documents Are Safe & Secure? 
Each instance of ViewCenter is encrypted “in-flight” (Transport Layer Security) and “at-rest” (at all times at the file and database level)Our Data Center is a Tier III enterprise-grade facility, while ICM is compliant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity guidelines. Our scanning facility has badge restricted access with 24/7 video surveillance and alarm systems.

What Devices Can Be Used to Access ViewCenter?
You can use any electronic device that has internet access and a browser.

What Is the Difference Between ViewCenter & Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive/SharePoint?
Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive/SharePoint focus mainly on the ability to have “cloud storage” access to records but without the structurepermissions, search ability, and business process configuration that ViewCenter provides. Meanwhile, ViewCenter can be thought of as true “document control”, where hosted in the Cloud or deployed within your server environment. Have you ever tried to find a document in File Explorer that was hidden in a subfolder of a subfolder of a subfolder? What about losing a file because it was renamed, or not being able to find the correct version of a file. That is often what the user experience effective becomes for Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive/SharePoint. With a highly configurable database based on document collections” for the different areas of your business, you can enforce the standardization of file namingcontrol exactly what documents your users can/cannot see, as well as what features they have access to (view/add/modify/delete)Document collections can also include retention management, version control, and task workflows.

How Many Users Can I Have on ViewCenter?
As many as you need! ViewCenter supports “named” licenses, “concurrent” licenses, or even a hybrid of both models. Whether being used by a single department in a small business up to enterprise-wide by a large corporation, this flexibility allows ICM to cost-effectively accommodate any organization’s unique end-user bandwidth.

How Long Does Implementation Take?
Standard ViewCenter implementations from start to “go live” can be measured in days and weeks, not months and years! Depending on the scale of how many departments will be onboarded, as well as the types of other services that might be utilized as part of a full solution (scanning services or custom software development), we have often found phased approach works best to recognize benefits as quickly as possible and drive user adoption department by department.

How Scalable is ViewCenter?
ViewCenter was designed from the ground up to be the foundation of a completely scalable solution. Once the base system is deployed, adding additional business units or departments is quick and easy.Optional add-on modules such aseFormsand public facing portals, as well as custom software development services allowViewCenterto grow with your business.

Can ViewCenter Integrate with Other Third-Party Platforms?
ViewCenter was built with a robust Application Programming Interface (API) – covering the entire application Business Layer – to enable integration with virtually any modern software capable of making API calls. Access to the API key as well as documentation is provided at no additional cost. In many cases, ICM has also been able to integrate with legacy applications that we built before API’s became a software industry standard.

How Does Implementing a Document Management System Reduce Costs?
The most notable costs are the time saved on managing, searching, and sharing records, not to mention needing to physically be in the office or VPN’d to your network. Did you know the average US employee wastes more than 2 hours a week performing these tasks and the average executive wastes 6 weeks a year searching for important documents? Additionally, companies have been able to reduce their footprint by getting rid of filing cabinets and because they are no longer printing records, they also eliminate the need for expensive ink, toner, paper, and filing materials. Many customers experience a Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months.

Does Document Management Work for Small Businesses?
Absolutely! In fact, the earlier a company implements a document management system, the easier it is to streamline business process, foster a culture of electronic record keeping, and prevent a buildup of paper records or a maze of a network drive.

Is There a Training Process Involved?
As part of any ViewCenter implementation, ICM provides user training (how to access the solution, searching for records, adding records, modifying & deleting records), as well as admin training (user, list & groups management; event log, tasks, version control, retention). Having said that, ViewCenter was built with user experience in mind, and most ultimate users could confidently understand the day-to-day features even after an initial software demo.  

Can I Visit ICM’s Facility?
Yes, and we love giving tours of our scanning operations! Site visits can be scheduled upon request. 

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