Document Management

Scalable Solutions for a Modernized Document Management Process

Cloud-Based & On-Premise Document Management

Whether you are in need of a simple document management tool for a single department, a fully automated and integrated platform for the entire enterprise, or anything in between, ICM’s ViewCenter Document Management Suite, combined with our IT Services can be utilized to create a total solution tailored to your specific requirements. Leveraging a strong core document repository, powerful add-on modules, and custom development and integration services allows ICM the flexibility required to develop a truly personalized solution that can grow with your organization.


ViewCenter Document Management repository makes securely digitizing, storing, managing, retrieving, and sharing your business-critical documents and records easier than ever. ViewCenter was designed to be the hub of a completely scalable and customizable solution that can grow and evolve along with your business. Developed in-house by ICM, ViewCenter is continually being improved and new features are being added. Existing built-in functionality includes responsive UI design, scalable permissions, audit trails, document retention, version control and many more.
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Self-Service Portal

InfoCenter is a powerful, intuitive self-service web portal that enables your organization to securely share records and documents. In addition to sharing the records you are storing in your ViewCenter instance, InfoCenter can be configured to serve as a front-end to other data sources you might already be using. It’s an ideal solution for a wide range of implementations, such as public records requests, customer service requests, and student and employee records requests. Highly flexible external user authentication ensures easy access to interested parties while maintaining the integrity of the permission configured for your internal users.
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Electronic Forms

Creating customizable web forms for data collection has never been faster or easier. FormsCenter allows you to leverage your existing form templates and marry them to a drag-and-drop web form building front end with field and attachment mapping. The result is one-click delivery of your forms to ViewCenter as highly formatted PDF documents.
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Scanning | Data Capture

ScanCenter is a high-volume production-quality scan tool that allows your business to convert paper into digital documents and load them directly into ViewCenter. Built-in image cleanup ensures your scanned images are as clear and legible as possible. Leveraging full page OCR and form recognition technology allows you to train the system to capture index data automatically from standardized forms, minimizing manual labor and potential errors.
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