Our Leadership Team has over a century of collective ICM-experience.

ICM’s leadership team is comprised of our Owner/CEO, Co-CEO/President, and 5 Directors. The average tenure of service for ICM Directors – 13 years – demonstrates the loyalty, experience and commitment of ICM’s management.

We are proud to be a women-owned business where the respect and cooperation shown between women and men – at all levels of the company – encourages empowerment and advancement for every employee, regardless of gender.

Carol Harrington, Owner and CEO

As sole owner and CEO, Carol is responsible for determining the appropriate leadership structure of ICM’s Board of Directors, and plays a crucial leadership role in the Board of Director’s proper functioning. Oversees strategic growth, stability, vision, and financial goals. Carol worked in union with ICM’s Founder Phil Harrington building ICM from the ground up in March 1988.


Michelle Harrington, Co-CEO and President

As Co-CEO and President, Michelle oversees strategic growth, product and services development, corporate finances, facility security/management, public relations – and perhaps most passionately – Human Resources management, team building, and performance improvement for the human capital of ICM; its employees. Michelle’s vision is grounded in her dedication to continue her father’s legacy to grow and pass on ICM from generation to generation, while keep staying on cutting edge of today’s technology and serving our client base’s needs. Prior to this position, Michelle spent over two decades in the healthcare industry, delivering care, developing long-term relationships with non-profit agencies and various healthcare facilities, and supporting and educating the public on the care process for disease and terminal illness.


Patrick Goulet, Director of Operations

Pat joined ICM in 1999. As Director of Operations, Pat provides strategic oversight for the company, working closely with each of the Directors in formalizing and performing strategic objectives / goals for the organization, and overall performance. Pat has over 20 years of document conversion and management experience, and a background of over 35 years in back office management and operations.


Dusty Vokacek, Director of Production

Dusty joined ICM in 2001 and has supported many roles over the years. As Director of Production, Dusty is responsible for managing document scanning/imaging services, from project kick off to final deliverables and customer relationships. She also oversees the building, training, and directing of staff on a day-to-day basis while maintaining quality standards and deadlines. Dusty’s teams consistently score high ratings on customer satisfaction surveys.


Chris Henson, Director of IT

Chris joined ICM in 2004. As the Director of IT Chris is responsible for implementing best practices in product development and the professional services provided by ICM’s resident staff of IT professionals. Chris and his team design and create ICM’s Viewcenter ECM product suite as well as tools used to manage and operate ICM’s document capture services. The IT department works directly with customers to provide assistance with deployment, operational support, integration to existing systems, and conversion from legacy Document Management Solutions. Chris has over 20 years of software development experience in delivering Process Automation, Imaging and Document Management Solutions.


Chris Hoskins, Director of Product Management

Chris joined ICM in 2011. As the Director of Product Management, Chris is responsible for owning and implementing the product roadmap and release schedule for the entire ViewCenter ECM product suite. Chris conducts industry research and combines that with customer feedback to prioritize product enhancements and ensure they are released in a timely manner. Chris ensures the ViewCenter ECM product suite remains in-line with market trends and customer requested features. Chris also works closely with the Sales and Marketing department to assist in the demonstration and sale of ViewCenter ECM products as well as participate in designing marketing campaigns, targeting and messaging.


Magi Shreck, Director of Configuration and Data Management

Magi joined ICM in 2007. Magi Shreck has been part of the Total Quality Management (PI Professional) Community within Aerospace for 30 years. She brings a wide variety of work and educational experience to the position. In her process improvement role with aviation engineering she has followed product from inception to production through to commercial airline implementation. Her skill set is to address the design, installation, and improvement of integrated systems of people, material, facilities, information and equipment.