We have decades of experience providing trained, managed on-premise
scanning professionals to perform your scanning services.

ICM develops an on-premise scanning team to meet your requirements. For example, your business may require multiple work-shifts, additional security, or special skill sets. Typically, ICM performs the document prep, scan and scan QA steps on premise. Optionally, image processing and indexing steps are performed on premise, off premise at ICM headquarters, or a combination of the two; whichever is most cost-effective.

Pick the model to suite your needs: on-premise scanning, partial off-premise
or a combination of the two.

Work Agreements

Every ICM employee working on-premise is required to sign an ICM Work Agreement Form, and file it with ICM HR. This Agreement covers items such as adhering to client work hours and dress codes, handling of proprietary information, safety items, and other HR and project-based items.

Security Requirements

ICM staff is prepared to meet any security requirements required by the customer, whether it is additional background testing, finger printing, drug tests or special training classes. If required, ICM’s employees will wear an employer’s photo ID badge.

Customer Operations

ICM works with our clients to develop a plan which minimizes any disruption our on-premise team may have on current operations. Typically, our on-premise teams have little to no effect on customer operations.

ICM-provided and customer-provided items.

ICM has decades of experience providing on-premise scanning. We have documented processes which include those items provided by ICM and those provided by the customer. ICM provides the majority, including equipment, maintenance, staff management, training and project management. Our clients provide facility, power and systems/network access requirements. Complete information is part of the project discovery process and is included in the statement of work (SOW) for your project.

Secure Transportation

ICM has a documented Pick-up and Delivery Process which details the steps for attaining custody of items for your project. We also provide for inspection, temporary warehousing, and material handling.

Control and Storage of Records

When at ICM Corporate, we safeguard your documents in a secure, HIPAA-compliant facility featuring a card-key badge system, picture-ID badges, 24-hour video-surveillance, and compartmentalized access to restricted areas.

Progress Reports

The ICM Project Manager is the primary point-of-contact during the course of your engagement. We conduct regular face-to-face status meetings and provide written reports to track action items. ICM’s Project Manager ensures that all project goals, schedules, budgets, and quality levels are achieved.

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