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From Our Clients

  • One of the best vendor experiences I’ve ever had. [Viewcenter] is easy to use, even for our more technically challenged users. Its interface is simple and clean, while not losing any functionality. The team at ICM has been wonderful to work with.

    Jeni Sellers
    IT Operations Manager, Galen Medical Group
  • The ICM ViewCenter saves time and expedites the invoicing process that in turn helps keep cash flowing in for accounts receivable.

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    Carl Shultz
    Vice President of Finance, Marana Aerospace Solutions
  • AGIA has been using ViewCenter for several years and is pleased with all aspects. As an alternative to viewing hardcopy documents, AGIA utilizes ViewCenter to reference stored images. Operations management has been very pleased with the system for several reasons:

    1. Associates have an easy time navigating the system.
    2. The clarity of images is excellent.
    3. Specific images can be accessed through multiple search functions (i.e., name, birthday, address, etc.)
    4. ViewCenter offers a valuable word search feature that enables image access that is essential for AGIA’s business (i.e., documents for individual physicians or key dates).
    5. By having our own administration rights AGIA can add new associates onto ViewCenter without costly delays of coordination with ICM.
    6. When associates identify problems such as a sticky note covering key information on a scanned image, ICM has been responsive in providing a timely re-scan.
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    John Toland
    Claim Services Manager, AGIA Affinity Services
  • SRP Records and Information Services and ICM Document Solutions have partnered on a number of projects over the last several years. ICM has been a trusted business partner for SRP. In January 2016 SRP and ICM partnered again for the Project Administration Building (PAB) Betterments Facilities multi-year project; slated through April 2018. The overall effort of reducing and converting business critical paper documents into a digital format promotes good information management and protects our records in a common repository. ICM staff works closely with our staff, applications and systems to support efficient and high-quality document scanning and conversion. SRP appreciates the strong work ethic and scanning mastery of ICM staff that are producing great results and participating in a true legacy project at SRP!

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    Steve Westwood
    Records and Information Services Manager, Salt River Project (SRP)
  • The Arizona Department of Insurance, the Arizona state government agency that oversees the insurance industry in Arizona, has implemented several electronic records management projects, including the imaging and indexing of over 200,000 license application files and over 30,000 officer/member/director biographical documents.

    USING VIEWCENTER IS VERY EASY. An authorized user can very easily locate records using search fields that are configurable by an administrator. Our Insurance Licensing Section is no longer spend time pulling and re-filing paper documents in large filing systems.

    CREATING VIEWCENTER “COLLECTIONS” IS EASY. A trained and authorized “super user” can create and configure record collections, determine fields of information used to index and search those records, and can assign/change/revoke authority to other users to access the information and documents. No programming/coding is required.

    VIEWCENTER IS POWERFUL. A collection can be configured to allow a user to locate a group of documents and export them to a ZIP file. ICM Document Solutions, the ViewCenter creator, can also establish methods to import data into ViewCenter to minimize record indexing effort and cost. ICM has established an online secure (end-to-end-encrypted) portal by which some of our customers can upload, index and submit files to us, thereby preventing our customers from having to submit paper documents and CD-ROMs containing data, and preventing us from having to store paper or to pay to have paper documents imaged and indexed.

    VIEWCENTER MINIMIZED OUR RECORDS MANAGEMENT RISKS. We are now able to access records from just about anywhere, using a web browser and Internet access, which means that the viability and access to our essential records are no longer threatened by the possibility that our building may be damaged or inaccessible.

    VIEWCENTER REDUCED OUR NEED FOR SPACE TO STORE RECORDS. Arizona government agencies can obtain permission from Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records (ASLAPR) to have electronic records serve as originals, meaning that once records are imaged and indexed in accordance with ASLAPR standards, the paper version can be destroyed and the electronic version serves as the official original document.

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    contract information
    Scott Greenberg
    Assistant Director, Arizona Department of Insurance
  • Over the past six years the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) has been using ICM’s Enterprise Content Management Technology Suite, ViewCenter, for business critical documentation. ViewCenter is currently integrated with our line of business Claims System and provides the ICA with robust document management capabilities while being easy to use and administer.

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    Michael Hempel
    Chief Information Officer, The Industrial Commission of Arizona
  • ViewCenter is one of the best tools I have ever used! I was looking for a solution that would allow me to easily scan and store numerous documents and make them readily available to my customers without having to manually index each document. . . . Not only are my documents now digitized, no one had to manually index them, the OCR function works great and continues to improve the more you use it. . . . If the quality of the product were not enough, the level of customer and technical service I receive is outstanding!

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    Robert Schalhoub
    IT Professional
  • We hired ICM Document Solutions to help us get a handle on our historical documents and establish new document management practices that will enable us to drive a more efficient future for our business.

    Jerry McKechnie
    Quality Manager, Tram-Tek Inc
  • The ViewCenter system has transformed our business and enabled us to serve both our global staff and our customers much faster and more efficiently.

    mro aviation
    Andrea Zublin
    Administrator, Ikhana Group
  • Our use of the ICM solution has helped us reduce our backlog of paper records and increased efficiency in document retrieval. Additionally, the ICM solution helps Hawker towards its goal of a 30% reduction in its carbon footprint.

    mro aviation
    Jim Meszaros
    Quality Manager, Hawker Pacific Aerospace
  • ICM has been a long-time aerospace document scanning specialist for UTC’s Phoenix AZ facility. More than 7 million pages of documents have been scanned for UTC over a 15-year period. As such, UTC’s management asked ICM for assistance with digital storage of its traveler packets.

    Accounts Payable Department
    UTC Aerospace Systems
  • It has been a joy working with you on this project, and we constantly speak highly of the work you did for us.
    Everything is looking very good and our reintegration of the image files into our system is going virtually flawless.

    Document Management Software
    Dana P. Hlavac
    JD CPM Deputy County Manager, Mohave County

Anytime, Anywhere Secure Access to Accurate
Law Enforcement Records

It is critical that law enforcement agencies can access the right information quickly and share it with other agencies. Top job for law enforcement is to ensure public safety. In addition, State library and archive agencies, and other state regulators, require that records retention and disposition processes be in place. Reports and information must be secure and pro­tected, as prescribed by law.

ICM’s Law Enforcement Solution first digitizes your paper and film documents. Then, the electronic records are deployed with our affordable document management software; ViewCenter.

We work with you to deploy our Law Enforcement solution to provide a highly secure, easy-to-use, flexible, web-based system used to store and retrieve documents and their contents electronically.

The Benefits of ICM’s Complete Law Enforcement Solution

  • Convert vital paper records into secure electronic files
  • Manage retention and disposition schedules according to state regulations
  • Gain 24/7 Web-based access to officers and staff regardless of location or time
  • Decrease overhead related to storage and reprographic costs
  • Maximize employee productivity and efficiencies to better serve the community
  • Integrate with existing law enforcement systems
  • Easier agency-to-agency information to other jurisdictions
  • Record sharing aids in safeguarding citizens
  • Managed documents helps achieve uniform crime reporting
  • Enables levels of review among middle and upper management
  • Can provide information for adequate reponses to media

We Help You Digitize and Manage Law Enforcement Records

  • Business operations
  • Case management
  • Field contacts
  • Service records
  • Incident/offense reports
  • Accident reports
  • Investigative reports
  • Arrest records
  • Citations
  • Warrants
  • Detention records
  • Civil records

Customers Enjoying Our Law Enforcement Solution

Arizona Department of Public Safety

City of Huntington Beach Police Department

City of Irvine Police Department

City of El Mirage Police Department

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