ICM’s Invoice Capture Service takes the hassle
out of receiving invoices no matter the source.

Accounts payable departments receive vendor invoices in all manner of ways. And each submittal type requires its own intake process. Imagine the ease if all invoices started the same way? Well, that’s possible with ICM’s Invoice Capture Service. How? ICM works with your vendors and notifies them of multiple submittal options. We receive the invoices and directly upload them into AP Center or other document management systems. Your vendors are happy and your work starts with every invoice in a digital format; which can drastically reduce your processing costs.

ICM receives your vendor invoices, scans them, applies coding,
and uploads them into AP Center.

Paper Invoices

Some suppliers insist on providing paper invoices. In this case, ICM sets up a lock box and provides your vendors with the PO Box information. On a regular basis, the mail is picked up and transported to ICM’s certified secure processing center. Once received, invoices are scanned and specified invoice data is extracted using advanced OCR technologies with multi-step validation.

Emailed Invoices

For emailed invoices, ICM sets up an email inbox and provides that information to your vendors. Your vendors are able to email invoices in a variety of formats including; PDF and most image formats. Once received, the invoice is reviewed to see that all needed data is available. Data not contained in the email can be extracted using advanced OCR technologies with multi-step validation.


EDI is Electronic Data Interchange. ICM works with your large-volume invoice vendors to establish a trading partnership. We perform the mapping needed to sync the data provided in the 810 exchange format with your ERP\Accounting system. During the processing of the EDI file an invoice rendering of the EDI data is performed to enhance future retrieval and viewing.


e-invoicing: This enables your vendors to use the web to enter invoice data directly. If available, PO data can be used (commonly called PO Flip) to expedite the entry and validate data.

File Upload: This enables vendors to upload invoice data in a variety of formats including Excel, Text Based and XML.

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