We make your film scanning project economically feasible and practical

Admit it, you have a love-hate relationship with your microfilm library. It contains important documents and often irreplaceable information, but everything about using and managing it seems frustrating and time-consuming. We have the solution: film scanning your microfilm library into a digital format with indexing for online

If you’re like most companies and government agencies, you’re faced with several challenges:

  • Deteriorating media. Film is susceptible to deterioration over time. Heat, humidity, and handling can lead to damaged film and very poor quality images.
  • Obsolete equipment. Film readers and printers are old technology. If they work (and that’s always a big if, considering most microfilm readers’ age and the cost to repair them), you still have to manually find and print the pages you need.
  • Inefficient use. You can spend hours, even days looking for a specific document on microfilm. In some cases you may have to wait for equipment or media, since two people can’t share film and work simultaneously. Even when you’ve found the documents you want, if you want to use the text
    electronically you’ll need to retype it from hard copy.
  • Accidental loss. Fire, flood, or natural disaster can destroy irreplaceable records in seconds. Few organizations keep duplicate copies of microfilm and
    the original paper documents are likely discarded to save storage space.

Since 1988, ICM has completed large film scanning projects for all film medias: roll film, microfiche, and aperture card. We have the film scanning technology, staff, and processes to capture high-quality images from film at competitive rates.

Every ICM film scanning project includes over 29 years of applied experience

  • Advanced film scanning hardware and software technology
  • Automated image processing and document indexing
  • Equipment and staff to handle large, complex film scanning projects
  • Automatic threshold and visual attendant QA processes
  • Experienced film scan technicians who are ICM trained and certified
  • Secondary QA processes to inspect images using both automatic and visual methods
  • ISO 9008 compliant processes to ensure high-quality deliverables

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