AGIA has been using ViewCenter for several years and is pleased with all aspects. As an alternative to viewing hardcopy documents, AGIA utilizes ViewCenter to reference stored images. Operations management has been very pleased with the system for several reasons:

  1. Associates have an easy time navigating the system.
  2. The clarity of images is excellent.
  3. Specific images can be accessed through multiple search functions (i.e., name, birthday, address, etc.)
  4. ViewCenter offers a valuable word search feature that enables image access that is essential for AGIA’s business (i.e., documents for individual physicians or key dates).
  5. By having our own administration rights AGIA can add new associates onto ViewCenter without costly delays of coordination with ICM.
  6. When associates identify problems such as a sticky note covering key information on a scanned image, ICM has been responsive in providing a timely re-scan.