What Are We Doing to Keep Our Employees Safe?

ICM is dedicated to the health and safety of our customers and employees, safety is our top priority during this time. We are taking all the appropriate steps that are consistent with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to make sure our customers, communities, and employees remain healthy. We closely monitor all updates so we can act fast to help minimize risk.  At ICM we have implemented the following guidelines in our typical workday as 2/3 of our employees are essential and unable to work remotely:

  • If our employees feel sick, they are instructed to leave the office immediately and stay at home until they are completely asymptomatic and test negative for COVID-19.
  • If our employees exhibit any of the common COVID-19 symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, and fever, we ask them to stay at home even if they have the slightest symptoms to prevent potential infection in the workplace.
  • If they have traveled to any of the high-risk areas, they are instructed to work from home for 14 days and avoid all in-person contact with colleagues in the meantime.
  • We always have all appropriate PPE and hygiene products in the office at all entrances and other areas throughout the office.
  • We are restricting visits from external partners, customers, candidates, and any other guests in our offices.
  • We continue to keep our work from home policy for those who can work remotely and for those who have school-aged children at home. We also will have any employees that have a medical background such that COVID-19 could put their health at risk and those that live with elderly/children/people with chronic diseases/etc.

ICM Is Here to Help You Achieve Business as Usual, in Unusual Times:

With the unplanned and indeterminate shift to Work From Home, anytime, anywhere access to your business records has gone from a luxury to a necessity. With our flexible ViewCenter platform, full-service solutions, and hands-on implementation, ICM will transform your business challenges into a long-term solution.  With our Customer Success Team’s expertise, we ensure your solution is the perfect fit for your business process with the least possible effort on your part.

Just because many operations are making the shift towards remote work, the paper doesn’t stop coming in – and your commitments still need to be met. For those with their critical records kept on paper (or even film), or a siloed mix of physical and electronic records, the pandemic has exposed a huge gap in business continuity for many organizations. No matter the type, volume, or complexity of your records, ICM can create a scope of work that fits your requirements, and budget.