InfoCenter is a web portal to securely share records, documents
or other information from multiple sources.



The InfoCenter web portal software is easily learned and understood. Monitor all user interaction with the portal including querying, viewing data and viewing associated documents.



InfoCenter allows content to be selectively available to external or corporate users while not compromising the security of internal systems or data. This control allows your business to safely satisfy regulatory requirements, legal obligations and enhances customer service.



InfoCenter empowers your business to provide the right information to the right parties at the right time. This feature allows safe, predictable and streamlined business processes to share and collaborate on critical information.

Select the right authentication model for the type of content.


Content can be published to the portal in an open mode. No registration is required and users have access to search and view all specified content.


Users are required to register prior to accessing content. Upon registration, one or more challenge questions are presented to identify a user and grant access to related content based on the answers.

approval based
Approval Based

Like the automatic model, users are required to register prior to accessing content. Registration, and any responses to challenge questions, are reviewed by a member of your organization through an approval workflow prior to granting access.

Predictable info access for many content types.


  • Access data from your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Receive responsive tailored views based on the device you use
  • Save commonly used searches for quick and repeatable retrieval


  • Public records requests
  • Invoice payment inquiry
  • Customer service requests
  • Student records
  • Employee records
  • Real-time content publishing
  • Online forms submissions