Top 10 Reasons to Choose ICM for Document Scanning



ICM’s past performance and track record of success over 29 years within the Government, Education, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Insurance, Financial and Engineering markets is unparalleled.

number 02

Customer Service


ICM views every customer as a long-term partner and every project as a joint effort. ICM’s definition of a successful project is one in which our customer’s internal goals are met. With a never ending commitment from management and staff, ICM consistently achieves high scores with customer satisfaction surveys and customer feedback.

number 03

Subject Matter Expertise


ICM has extensive experience in the digitization of government, education, and public safety documents. ICM engages its own production staff, CDIA Imaging Experts, and IT staff as needed to address the technical components of each project.

number 04

Confidentiality / Security

ICM is proudly one of very few document management companies with a Federally-secure production environment. Based on requirements, ICM has built our production facility to ensure the safekeeping of all customer documents and files while in process. We work within Department of Defense parameters and have experience processing Export Classified and ITAR-Restricted documents.

number 05

Existing Tools


ICM has developed interface tools for automated indexing, reconciliation, and quality purposes. Other tools and systems are in place addressing file transfer processes, procedures, quality methodologies and indexing scripts.

number 06

Industry Leader


ICM is a recognized leader in document scanning and imaging by clients, professional reports, and independent third-party entities.

number 07

Licenses and Certifications


ICM currently has all necessary licenses, certifications, insurance, and qualifications to support even the most demanding engagements.

number 08

Disaster Recovery Plan


ICM takes data security very seriously. Our customer’s source data as well as our own internal operations rely on the dependence and availability of our network. The ICM IT department uses the latest technology to make sure we are keeping up with challenges and requirements. ICM has ready access to customer backup and replicated data at ICM Corporate and our co-location facility.

number 09

Production Capacity


ICM has a significant amount of hardware equipment, software systems and production management systems to meet any document scanning project. This equipment, combined with a staff of 140+ over three work-shifts ensures ICM has the capacity to support virtually any volume.

number 10

Control and Storage of Records


ICM safeguards customer documents in a secure, HIPAA-compliant facility featuring a card-key badge system, picture-ID badges, 24-hour video-surveillance, and compartmentalized access to restricted areas. ICM has developed a documented process and a Tracking Software System to manage both paper documents and electronic images, from initial receipt through delivery of original documents and files.