Since 1988, ICM has scanned literally
hundreds of millions of pages for its clients.

Document Scanning

Does your business keep critical business records on paper or film? Wet paper falls apart and melted film is impossible to read. The constant threat of loss, damage or disintegration to your paper or film records is very real and often overlooked. Paper, microfilm and microfiche are very, very quiet. It’s easy to forget it’s even there until you need it one day and it can’t be found, is unusable or unreadable.

The solution is electronically stored documents hosted in redundant geographic locations and subject to periodic backups with backup copies being stored offsite. Sound complex? It really isn’t. And the good news is ICM has been an industry expert since 1988. We can make it simple for you.

paper scanning

Document Scanning

ICM provides expert, best-in-class document capture services and related professional services. With over 29 years experience there isn’t a document conversion challenge we haven’t met. Let us help you.

film scanning

Film Scanning

Film scanning brings unique challenges. ICM uses advanced film scanning hardware and software technology. Our technology combined with years of experience ensures a successful conversion project.

lock box services

Lock Box Services

Let ICM insert itself into your process and become part of your solution. We understand your challenges and can offer solutions. We can take as much, or as little, part in your process as makes sense for your company.