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The New ViewCenter 3

You may already know that ViewCenter is a highly secure, easy-to-use, flexible, web-based system used to store and retrieve documents and their contents electronically. But now, we are taking ViewCenter to a whole new level!

The New ViewCenter 3 showcases new  and improved features and functionality:

  • Completely Redesigned and Responsive User Interface (UI)
  • Multi-Level Data Hierarchy
  • New Multi-Channel Notification
  • Dynamic Data Validation
  • Custom Automatic Rule Execution
  • Completely Redesigned iCapture
  • Add Document Wizard



More About The New ViewCenter 3 Features

  • Responsive UI design – ViewCenter 3 has been redesigned to look slicker, but there is a lot more to it. The new ViewCenter can now be effectively accessed from any tablet and mobile device while automatically tailoring the user experience based on the form factor of the device.
  • Multi-Level Hierarchical Data Support – ViewCenter 3 supports a multi-level data hierarchy, with practically unlimited number of “parent-child” levels.  This enables users to index documents that have one-to-many data fields like addresses or line items. It also provides the ability to define complex relationships between separate documents.
  • Multi-Channel Notification Service – A new multi-channel notification service has been added to ViewCenter to notify users of system events, such as document viewed, new document added, content modified, or a document approaching its retention date. ViewCenter can be configured to send these notifications to any or all users regarding any system event.
  • Dynamic Data Validation – ViewCenter may be configured in such way that upon adding or updating a document, data validation will take place to eliminate potential data entry errors.  Some of the validation criteria include:
    • Data types
    • Field Masking (email, phone, etc…)
    • Minimum and maximum field lengths
  • Custom Automatic Rules Execution – In addition to the dynamic data validation mentioned above, ViewCenter 3 now supports custom rule execution on record events such as adding, updating and deleting. For example, upon adding a document, rules can be configured to access external data and automatically update record properties.
  • iCapture – iCapture has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a simple, efficient, and more intuitive user interface to add documents from the Windows desktop.  Files can be dragged and dropped in bulk to queue up for indexing.  iCapture also now has built in support for viewing all MS Office file formats.
  • Add Document Wizard – Adding documents through the web interface has never been easier!  When using the Add Document Wizard, ViewCenter 3 will walk a user through the process when adding a single document or several documents.

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